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Tech Talks

Seven Implementations of Incremental

Presented by: Yaron Minsky

This talk describes the development of Incremental, a library for writing computations that can be re-evaluated efficiently and incrementally when their inputs change. Incremental works by letting you express your computation as a dynamic dependency graph where only part of the graph needs to be re-evaluated in order to respond to changes.  It’s based on ideas from the academic literature, specifically Umut Acar et al’s work on self-adjusting computation.

But building an efficient and usable library based on academic results is harder than just reading some papers. I’ll discuss the twists and turns that led us through seven different implementations, finally leading to the one we use in production today.

Yaron Minsky

Yaron Minsky obtained his BA in Mathematics from Princeton University and his PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University, focusing on distributed systems. In 2003, he joined Jane Street where he has worked in a number of areas, founding the quantitative research group and helping transition the firm to using OCaml, a statically typed functional programming language, as its primary development platform.

Wednesday, April 5th
Downtown Manhattan
Snacks will be served.

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